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Earth Pendant


Mayan Glyph Pendant. This durable stoneware pendant is 3cm x 3cm and comes on a 46cm black polyurethane necklet with sterling silver clasp.

Kaban - earth

Wind direction – red east of initiation

Kaban brings natural order and leads us on a journey made easy with soft ground to walk on, canopy to protect us and synchronicity in every step.


Practical, grounded, connected, active and rational are all characteristics typical of Kaban. Driven to dispel untruths and wrong doing and to bring about the balance of natural order, Kaban may often be found in a coaching/counseling role. Great leaders, they come up with innovative solutions to problems. Sensitive by nature, they are prone to occasional emotional outbreaks and temper tantrums.

Kaban can also be a little fixed in their viewpoints however and would do well not to jump to conclusions too quickly. It is important that earth people keep moving, growing and developing.


Remain in present time. Focus on a bigger picture and allow it to evolve. Last but not least….love.



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