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Moon Pendant


Mayan Glyph Pendant. This durable stoneware pendant is 3cm x 3cm and comes on a 46cm black polyurethane necklet with sterling silver clasp.

Muluk - moon

Wind direction – red east of initiation

Muluk brings us consciousness and the ability to feel


Moon people are sincere, intelligent, emotional, imaginative, romantic and generous…giving freely without expectation of return. They are extremely perceptive and are very good at picking up on the feeling that sits under people’s communications, they can sense the truth that is hidden by the words. This is their power. It is Muluk’s challenge however, not to be hypersensitive and end up “wearing” the energy i.e. to take on the other person’s anger/sadness etc as their own. It is a good idea for Muluk to have a safe haven and self imposed control


Operate in present time, energy will flow where you focus your attention. Look after your body and keep your spirit clear so your powers of perception remain awake.

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