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Hand Pendant


Mayan Glyph Pendant. This durable stoneware pendant is 3cm x 3cm and comes on a 46cm black polyurethane necklet with sterling silver clasp.

Manik - hand

Wind direction – blue west of transformation

Manik gives us beauty and accomplishment through reaching out, integrating, understanding and healing.


Hand is a very creative sign, artistic, inspiring, reliable, individualistic and generous. They love the outdoors, good company and family but also value their freedom. Finding this balance can be a bit tricky.

Also associated with the deer, Manik is adept at running and leaping over obstacles that lie in their path….including confrontation.

Skill and quality of work is important to Manik but take care not to fall into indecision and procrastination or nothing will get finished!


Set your intention to create a desired result and bring it to completion.

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