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Serpent Pendant


Mayan Glyph Pendant. This durable stoneware pendant is 3cm x 3cm and comes on a 46cm black polyurethane necklet with sterling silver clasp.

Chickchan - serpent

Wind direction – red east of initiation

Serpent represents life force and instinctive bodily wisdom, authority, justice, truth and equilibrium.


An ancient physical energy lives in serpent, sensual and dramatic, people of this sign make good leaders ,have a strong will, are spontaneous, passionate and bold. Serpents’ heart opens when giving freely to others and will bring swift justice when needed.

This is a very adaptable sign until cornered, at this point they have a tendency to explode…..and the effect is devastating to all that are exposed to it.

Expressive and physical outlets will help transform the suppressed raw energy that accumulates within.


Find balance, understand fully, the effect that anger creates in yourself and others. Have courage to face your demons. To focus on expressing your passion and life force will help.

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