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Seed Pendant


Mayan Glyph Pendant. This durable stoneware pendant is 3cm x 3cm and comes on a 46cm black polyurethane necklet with sterling silver clasp.

Kan - seed

Wind direction – yellow south of ripening

Kan brings creativity, the power of growth and the delight of simply being.


Kan people are very social. Natural born leaders, they tend to attract others, as the flame does the moth, with their enthusiasm and energy. They love to rally to the cause and bring community together, happy to be in the spotlight.

Great networkers, they have a knack for bringing talents together but what is their true calling?

Seed loves a challenge and demands much from himself but he can get a bit bogged down in the seriousness of it all! Be patient and enjoy life.


Have courage to look within, open yourself and be grateful for the lessons that are presented…even though they may not look quite as you would like them to!  Acknowledge and appreciate…..Learn and grow.

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