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Galactic Butterfly - Hunab Ku


"Hunab Ku – Galactic Butterfly"

In short “Hunab Ku” represents a unified consciousness.

To the Mayans this consciousness included humanity but existed beyond it, including connection to all that is on our earth and beyond….out into the galaxies. It relates to what we in present time call “the butterfly effect” where one thing affects another in more ways than is obvious. This connected consciousness is not governed by lineal time as we know it. Hunab Ku is all that has been, all that is and all that will be. Creation incarnate, in many ways it equates to what many would call God …minus the deity.

Originally the Mayans had no symbol for this concept, it was the Toltecs who devised the pattern (found woven into blankets) as a way of broadcasting ones willingness to join a unified consciousness.

Made from high fired stoneware clay, stainless steel and hardwood base
Size : 35cmh x 35cmw plus 7cm stand height.

Shipping Australia wide $20

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