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Heidi Woodman - Artist Profile


My journey began, growing up in the Adelaide foothills of South Australia. Exposure to many artistic mediums led to a love of the tactile qualities of clay,to create something beautiful from 'nothing'.The feel of it, the smell of it…the sheer creation.


My mid 20's saw me first embark on creating and marketing a range of terracotta garden sculptures. A wholesale business only, "Blue Sky Ceramics" sold to shops throughout Australia. After having met and married Brenton (plumber and kite flyer extraordinaire) two years earlier and 8 months pregnant with Maddy (the first of our two children), I sold Blue Sky Ceramics. Six months later, with Adelaide in economic decline, we moved our little family up to Darwin looking for opportunity to start a plumbing business. Over the next decade we built up a substantial business and had a baby boy, Riley...amongst many other "outback adventures". In that time, I barely touched a lump of clay!


In 2009, we sold up shop and moved to Eumundi, in Queensland's Noosa Hinterlands. In my early 40's, after a break of 13 years  I decided to get back to the things I love, which included "playing with mud", as Brenton put it! Eumundi was the perfect place for this, a hub for artists and artisans, with the world famous Eumundi markets at it's core.


I had always been drawn to the designs of pre-columbian Meso-Americans and felt inspired to re-create some of those that appealed to me, so away I went. As I submersed myself in the art of the Mayan, Aztec and Toltec cultures I could not help but admire many of their spiritual beliefs. I was especially drawn to the idea of a unified consciousness and their attitudes towards taking responsibility for our various faults so we may expand our awareness and have something to contribute...Wouldn't the earth be an amazing place to live if we stopped "pointing the finger" and started looking at the part we play as individuals? With that, comes true change.


It was not long before I was a full time artist. Over the next 7 years I explored many ideas and now have a range of creations that are not purely ceramic but have come to incorporate many different mediums including precious metals and crystals.

So bringing us to present time, much changed, I am now operating from home and the Eumundi Markets and am having a lot of fun following my intuition and inspiration ... and helping others follow theirs.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I've enjoyed creating it!